New journey just begins

Dr. Song has joined Department of Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong as a Presidential Assistant Professor in July 2024. Sincerely appreciate all the strong support from Alice, Wei, professors, and friends. Look forward to this new adventure with outstanding colleagues at CityU BME in HK!

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We are hiring !

The Song Lab @ CityU will work on interdisciplinary field to tackle grand challenges towards personalized healthcare. Talented postdoctoral and graduate candidates with related background (i.e. BME, EE, ME, ChemE, BioE, Chem, MSE, and others) are highly welcome and encouraged to contact Dr. Song by Email.

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Our research scope

We are devoted to developing bioelectronic devices with fundamental study and practical biomedical applications, including but not limited to:
1. Skin-interfaced multimodal biosensors;
2. Innovation of advanced manufacturing;
3. AI-powered health assessment;
4. Closed-loop personalized medicine.

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Recent publications

W Heng, S Yin, J Min, C Wang, H Han, E Sani, J Li, Yu Song, H Rossiter, W Gao*. A smart mask for exhaled breath condensate harvesting and analysis, Science, 2024, in press.

C Xu†, Yu Song†, et al., W Gao*, An artificial intelligence-reinforced physicochemical sensing electronic skin for stress response monitoring, Nature Electronics, 2024, 7, 168-179.

Yu Song, et al., W Gao*, 3D-printed epifluidic electronic skin for machine learning-powered multimodal health surveillance, Science Advances, 2023, 9, eadi6492.

R Tay†, Yu Song†, D Yao, W Gao*, Direct-ink-writing 3D-printed bioelectronics, Materials Today, 2023, 71, 135-151.

J Tu, J Min, Yu Song, et al., W Gao*, A wireless patch for the monitoring of C-reactive protein in sweat, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2023, 7, 1293-1306.

J Min†, S Demchyshyn†, J Sempionatto, Yu Song, et al., W Gao*, An autonomous wearable biosensor powered by a perovskite solar cell, Nature Electronics, 2023, 6, 630-641.

Group news

Jul, Dr. Song‘s co-author paper on smart mask for exhaled breath condensate analysis was accepted by Science.

May, Dr. Song was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia Healthcare & Science category. Link

Feb, Dr. Song's first-author paper on multimodal biosensors for AI-reinforced stress assessment was published at Nature Electronics. Link

Oct, Dr. Song was recognized as one of the World's Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University and Elsevier Scopus. See full list

Sep, Dr. Song's first-author paper on 3D-printed system for ML-powered health surveillance was published at Science Advances. Link