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Wearable bioelectronics for personalized healthcare

I. Skin-interfaced sweat biosensors◥

Laser-enabled flexible lab-on-the-skin for non-invasive metabolic and nutritional management (Nature Biotechnology 2020, 38, 217-224)
Wearable autonomous biomimetic MIP sensors for precision nutrition (Nature Biomedical Engineering 2022, 6, 1225-1235)
Wearable nanobiosensor for non-invasive and wireless monitoring of systemic inflammation (Nature Biomedical Engineering 2023, 7, 1293-1306)

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II. Wearable battery-free bioelectronics◥

Wireless Battery-free Wearable Sweat Sensor Powered by Human Motion (Science Advances 2020, 6, eaay9842)
Biofuel-powered soft electronic skin for wireless sensing and human-machine interaction (Science Robotics 2020, 5, eaaz7946)
Perovskite solar cells-powered autonomous wearable biosensor (Nature Electronics 2023, 6, 516-527)

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III. Machine learning-powered health surveillance◥

3D-printed epifluidic elastic electronic skin for behavior response prediction (Science Advances 2023, 9, eadi6492)
Consolidated AI-reinforced electronic skin for stress assessment (Nature Electronics 2024, 7, 168-179)
All-printed soft human-machine interface for robotic physicochemical sensing (Science Robotics 2022, 7, eabn0495)

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IV. Epidermal/implantable electronics

Smart bandage for multiplexed monitoring and combination treatment of infected chronic wounds (Science Advances 2023, 9, eadf7388)

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