design – Templates

Responsive Galleries with Foundation

Blog of Feeling Responsive Wanna create a responsive gallery to showcase your portfolio, recent photos or images? It's quite easy thanks to Foundation and Clearing Lightbox. Read More ›

design – Templates

Video Template

If you want to show videos in a large manner, the video template is the right choice. Read More ›

design – Multi-Device Layouts in Color

Grid & Colors

Blog of Feeling Responsive Create powerful multi-device layouts quickly and easily with the 12-column, nest-able Foundation grid. To optimize the size of your images, you find the correct dimensions beneath. Further below you find the colorscheme and colors used for Feeling Responsive and their color codes. Read More ›

design – Portfolio

Show your beautiful work!

With Feeling Responsive you don't need a special portfolio template. Just check out the great possibilities of the foundation grid and experiment with it. Read More ›



Yu Song Lab @ CityU Read More ›