A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Started in 10 Steps

This step-by-step guide helps you to customize Feeling Responsive to your needs.

  1. Open _config.yml and work it through, it’s well documented.
  2. Add your own logo.png to /assets/img/.
  3. Add your own social media links and open _data/socialmedia.yml.
  4. Open _sass/_01_settings_colors.scss and adjust the the colors to your taste.
  5. Customize your navigation and open _data/navigation.yml.
  6. Translate this theme and open _data/language.yml.
  7. Change the links in the footer and open _data/services.yml and _data/network.yml.
  8. Open _data/authors.yml and edit author information and set default author in config.yml.
  9. Make it yours and add your own content.
  10. Read the documentation to check out all features of Feeling Responsive.

Check out the documentation for all the tricks ›